May 18, 2024


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5 Famous Things You Can Buy from Spain

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Things You Can Only Buy in Spain | Spain, Spain souvenirs, Spanish holidays

Wondering what can be the best thing to buy from Spain? Below are the 5 shopping ideas that will always keep you connected with the vibrant Spanish culture.  

Whether you want to send a present to someone or are going to shop for yourself, these are some special souvenirs and mementoes of Spain you should never forget buying: 

  1. Wines 

Rioja, Priorat, Tempranillo and many other Spanish wines are known worldwide for their silky texture, complexity and delicious taste. In Spain, there are multiple liquor stores selling origin wine. So, you can easily find a winery nearby and on top of that, many of them offer tasting sessions so you can taste and buy the best wine as a souvenir.

But not finding a winery nearby doesn’t mean you should miss out on the chance of having the best wine. We suggest buying alcoholic beverages from an online store. If you are concerned about purchasing poor quality or counterfeit alcohol, spend some time checking how to find a reliable webshop to buy from

You can do this by visiting review websites such as OpinionsEspana where customer reviews are shared about the store’s quality and services. Hence, after checking from there, you can find a liquor store selling original alcoholic beverages at the best price. 

  1. Pottery 

Most of the pottery items sold in Spain are hand-crafted and signifies the Spanish culture which makes them matchless. You can buy Botijo, the water jugs, tracing back to centuries when refrigerators were not introduced. 

The jugs are beautifully crafted and keep the water refreshingly cool. Queimada (clay bowls), Cazuela (clay dishes) and Parrón (special wine glass) all deserve to be in your cart. Plus, the decorative pieces can infuse the lively Spanish culture in your homes.   

  1. Mallorca Pearls

Majorica is one of the most famous brands manufacturing artificial pearls on the island of Mallorca since 1890. As compared to the rarely found and extremely expensive natural pearls, these man-made pearls look almost the same but cost less. 

Also, unlike natural pearls, Mallorca pearls are super rugged and can maintain the same quality for ages. This specialty makes them an exclusive jewel demanded worldwide. So, a Mallorca pearl ring or necklace can be a perfect present you can buy from Spain.  

  1. Embroidered silk shawl

Mantón de Manila, the embroidered silk shawl, is undoubtedly the perfect Spanish garment you can buy as a souvenir. Though originated from China, the shawls have grown in popularity as an accessory for traditional flamenco dresses. It has bright colors, flowers or birds embroidered on it and perfect hand-made fringing that makes it look as if Julio Romero de Torres, the famous painter, had come to portray it. 

  1. Flamenco Guitar 

Unlike acoustic guitars, flamenco guitar produces a louder, fuller and deeper sound. Although they are expensive, buying them will always remind you of the traditional flamenco music and will keep the Spanish culture alive no matter wherever you go. 

The Bottom Line 

From the ancient pottery to the colorful shawls and shining pearls, the shops in Spain have a lot in stock to make you always remember their life and culture. | Newsphere by AF themes.