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5 Ways to Be a Savvy Saver With Groupon

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5 Ways to Be a Savvy Saver With Groupon

Groupon is a great way to not only discover new things but to save on them as well. Popular for their discounted vouchers that can be used for services or experiences, Groupon also offers deals on products and coupons/promotions from big-box retail chains. The deals available on Groupon appeal to a wide variety of interests and their vouchers make for great experience gifts for the holidays and beyond.

But here’s the thing… Even though Groupon is designed to offer already-low prices, there are more ways to be savvy and save when you shop with Groupon. 

Skeptical shoppers might wonder how Groupon manages to be so cheap. The reason is that   prices are based on negotiated deals with vendors. Because Groupon tends to generate a lot of business, vendors are willing to offer steep discounts because it may introduce customers to new services or brands, or can help move excess stock of merchandise from warehouses.

Easy to navigate, Groupon’s website and app make searching for activities and deals a cinch. You can easily search for specific things, or you can explore based on Groupon’s main categories. Your Groupon account will tailor local recommendations based on your recent location searches, or you can choose to allow Groupon to use your location automatically. If you want to receive suggestions that suit your interests you can update your Groupon account preferences to include general interest areas as well as your gender and age range.

Popular vouchers you can find include deals on:

  • Entertainment, sports, events and attractions for all ages
  • Travel accommodations, tours and cruises
  • Spa and Beauty treatments and services
  • Gym and fitness club memberships
  • Home renovation and maintenance
  • Private learning businesses and classes

Here are some tips to save and be savvy when shopping with Groupon.

1. Use the Groupon App

Image: Groupon.com

Installing the Groupon app is free and it can be easily downloaded on your smartphone or tablet from Apple’s App Store or on Google Play. There are advantages to using the Groupon App.

  • The intuitive design makes it easy to scroll through deals and discounts near you.
  • You can redeem a Groupon voucher without printing.
  • You’ll get early access to sales, special sales like Groupon Day, promo codes or price drops on previously viewed items.
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2. Join Groupon Select

Image: Groupon.com

If you find yourself using Groupon regularly you can join Groupon Select for the opportunity to save more. Groupon Select is a membership program that costs $4.99 a month and gets you additional perks:

  • Unlock savings with no promo codes.
  • Save an extra 25% on deals in your neighborhood.
  • Save an extra 10% on getaways.
  • Save an extra 10% on events & tickets.
  • Get members-only access to exclusive savings. 
  • Get Insider perks and offers on Groupon experiences.

3. Browse Groupon Doorbuster Deals and Deal of the Day

Image: Groupon.com

Groupon Doorbuster Deals and Deal of the Day are located prominently on the Groupon homepage. These are special limited time and limited quantity offers that can be up to 80% off products. You can search Doorbuster deals based on major categories like electronics, men’s fashion, health & beauty and more. Additional search parameters include price and ratings. Deal of the Day promotions are (as named) only available for one day, as they are flash sales on a smaller selection of products. All Doorbuster Deals and Deal of the Day are for products not experiences.

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4. Look for Extra Sales 

Image: Groupon.com

Groupon offers special sale opportunities to help save you even more. Here are some ways to find extra sales. 

  • Extra 22% Sale Promotions are advertised on the Groupon homepage. By using a promo code at checkout, these deals will cost you even less. Sales apply to experiences and products.
  • Stay up to date on current promo codes and sales by bookmarking RetailMeNot’s Groupon page.
  • Check out deals on Groupon Day. Groupon Day was Friday, October 14, 2022 and started on Friday, October 7, 2022. Groupon Day is a special sales event that offers exclusive deals and one-of-a-kind deals with savings on experiences, events and services. Expect Groupon Day to return for 2023 although dates haven’t been announced yet.

5. Read the Groupon Fine Print for Each Deal

When you are looking for deals on Groupon you have to take the time to read the fine print. A deal isn’t a deal if you end up not being able to use it. I’ll be the first to admit I regularly scroll through lengthy agreements without reading the fine print, but here is why you need to break this habit for Groupon:

  • Groupon fine print is brief (whew!), and includes key information to consider before purchasing the deal.
    • Watch out for deals that are only for new customers. 
    • Understand when the deal can be used, since some deals may only be used for certain days of the week, or specific dates.
    • Check to see the expiration date for your deal. Will the time frame work for you?
    • Look to see if there are any additional fees or charges added onto your deal price.
    • Can the deal be used the same day, or is there a waiting period?
    • Check the refund and cancellation policy.
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