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Diamond is April’s Birthstone – and diamonds are still hard to trace — Sharon Z Jewelry

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Which is why I am going to be investing April chatting all about them to people on my newsletter record. The great, the lousy, the why.

Let us keep a person truth at the prime of this publish:

This method for sourcing diamonds that we are presently functioning in is unfair.

At times in get to repair a problem, it helps to acknowledge that the trouble exists in the 1st spot.

When you are running in a method that is absolutely weighted from both of those unbiased designers and their individuals, it makes it that significantly more difficult to make the hard moral possibilities.

After all, when a title redacted large jewelry company would make a claim about using only certified Kimberley Process diamonds, for all those of us who attempt to be clear about the genuine options, it can make us seem bad.

I know lots of of us maintain ourselves accountable for running ethical corporations, and for utilizing moral sourcing, but we do not have the identical accessibility to sources that corporations do. We also never have a technique that essentially traces diamonds from the mines to our inventory.

As substantially as we may perhaps want to be certain of the ethics of our diamonds resources, genuinely the most that we can say is “to the ideal of our expertise”.

And it can be tricky to use this stage of honesty. We worry that consumers will run off, or not believe us, or not hear and comprehend us.

Understanding that the process is not fair does not absolve us of our collective responsibility, however. We can nonetheless ask issues of our suppliers*, we can nonetheless talk to the challenging thoughts of ourselves so that we can make modest but sizeable adjustments.

Picture for a instant what would it do for all of the marketplace if even a portion of us started shifting our provide chains to use extra Fairmined metals? What would it do for the field if even a portion of us started sourcing extra mine-to-industry gemstones? What would a fairer program search like for all of us? What would it search like if a lot more of us started out inquiring inquiries and staying far more clear?

I consider it may look like a greater, fairer business.


Sharon Z


* scroll down this website page to the communicate about Provider Discussions in Follow to get an idea of what asking questions can deliver.


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