December 5, 2023


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Fashion Trends 2022, you can’t miss them!

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Talking about trends these days can seem absurd, so we need to be clear. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, neon colors and pastel tones, masculine styles and feminine silhouettes coexist. There is everything at Vlone V for every taste and color!

So it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, review what’s new, what to save, what to throw away and what to forget, and pay attention to the 2022 trends and colors that will dominate the year. Remember that there are trends you can create from this entire list, choose the ones you like, forget the ones that don’t suit you and flip them over. But yes, get inspired to wear whatever you want.

A Special Black Dress

The myth of the little black dress still holds true thanks to the constant reinvention of length and silhouette. With a voluminous, tight, perforated or flat neckline, there are no more silhouettes to look at. The key is to find one that works best in your wardrobe and offers a special twist without sacrificing variety.


Most would agree with see-through dresses that look sheer, but tulle, chiffon, and other sheer fabrics can also fit tighter to the body or acquire a certain stiffness to create volume. The colors are as varied as the options, but for those who don’t want to take too much risk; black tops such as shirts or bodysuits can minimize the margin of error.

A Sequin Skirt

It’s true that sequins look like a 2021 trend made for this holiday season. The preferred color is silver, but you can twist it to red.

A Monkey

Boiler suits have also been worn long enough to be considered at least basic in corporate, street style and wardrobe. It’s considered basic, at least for those who find the benefits of wearing a one-piece (without falling off the moment you put it on).

One XL Neck

Shirts with wide collars and romantic taste have become a constant for months.

A Blazer with Tapered Shoulders

The rise of tailoring is undeniable. 2021 is covered in pieces that are considered special, such as pointy jackets or men’s. Shoulders that mark our figure emphasizing that part of the body like in the 80’s. Add design and boldness to t-shirts, bodysuits, cardigans, shirts and even blazers with shoulder pads.

It may have a color or pattern, but it is best to have the shoulder pads accentuated and as large as possible. It can be combined with jeans or skirts, shorts and dresses.

A Crop Top

This garment has ended up becoming, practically, a warm basic: the multitude of shapes and lengths (although all of them are above the waist line) means that there is one for each aesthetic school. The plus is in the satin finishes.

A Baby Doll Dress

As with other garments with a festive or formal spirit, the sensation that will set the trends for 2021 is also present in this dress silhouette associated with traditional femininity.

Some Baggy Suit Pants

In the wake of tailoring, wide suit trousers have become a constant on the catwalks. Colors vary, but beige, sand, or camel is a sure thing to do.

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Woven Vests

It is a garment that stands out for its versatility and subtlety are the woven vests. Wear them in winter or as a mid-season garment to build layers. So you will look very trendy at all times and at the same time you will be very comfortable.

We can wear a vest 7 days a week in style. You can wear them with a white shirt, with a turtleneck underneath or with a basic t-shirt, it will be luxurious. Add some jeans or culottes and you’re ready to go.

Table Skirts

You will remember your school days with this trend from the 90s that intends to stay throughout the year. We have no doubt that this look will once again be a must.


It started strongly last year and we have seen it in a thousand and one ways and it seems that this 2021 will continue with us. Beyond the knitted jackets and cardigans, we will see long pants and shorts everywhere, dresses, tops and even Vlone blue shirt, get yourself some knitting now. | Newsphere by AF themes.