July 15, 2024


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Should We Follow Fashions?

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Should We Follow Fashions?

Fashion is often associated with what pop stars or celebrities are wearing, but it actually refers to much more than the exclusive and expensive clothing producing by leading designers. Instead, it means clothing that is in style at a particular time and implies the process of innovation and change in dress. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with following it as long as we do like what is in fashion.

First, fashion adds spice to life with its rich color, variety, and beauty. The fashion industry has been experiencing with a wide range of colors, patterns, materials, etc. and as a result, offers consumers a diversified selection of clothing. A Bohemian voile dress can give an unfettered touch to office women by freeing them from tight dark suits; a cowboy hat brings a bit more masculinity to a routine shirt-pant outfit. Different ways of dressing can help us take on a fresh look, have a good mood and fit in on various occasions. In fact, the world would be a dull place to live in if people always wore clothes of the same design. Hence, fashion change satisfied our desire for new and different styles.

Second, fashions in dress distinguish one generation or age group from another, as they cater for varied tastes for beauty. They have taken very different forms at different time, so we would look strange if we wore the styles our great-parents wore. As a matter of fact, most people follow fashion to some extent, even schoolchildren are aware that fashions exist, and change. In a sense, the function of clothing is not just to keep us warm or cool; the way we are dressed also speaks for our pursuits and and values, reflects our attempt to differentiate with the elder generations

Third, mass production makes fashionable clothing cheap, available to everyone. some people say it is a waste to follow fashion because of its high cost and changeability. However, thanks to the rapid development in industry, many well-designed are now within our reach. If you have an eye for fashion, some of your bargains will even stand the test of time and never become out of date.

Fashion does have its critics, who have at times denounced fashion as irrational, and immoral. A common accusation is that fashion designers accelerate fashion change to create new business. Judging from the above analysis, it is not a bad thing for the consumer to move with the times and enjoy new fashions.

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