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Considering Plus Sized Modeling?

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Considering Plus Sized Modeling?

Are you plus size and wondering if you have a chance in the modeling world? If so than you have come to the right place. Until recently, plus sized women were unwelcome in the modeling world. However, recently, plus size women around the world have been embracing their bodies and have even began their entrance into the modeling world. Shows around the globe such as Americas and Britains Next Top model have just recently began to allow plus size models to enter into modeling competitions originally dominated by size zero models. If you are looking for more information on this type of modeling, then this article is for you. The article will discuss what plus size modeling is and how it came to be accepted, as well as some popular magazines. By the end of this article you will realize that your dreams of becoming a plus size model are definitely within reach!

A plus size model is an individual who models plus sized clothing and other accessories. They are also known as full-figured models, extended sized models, and outsized models. They primarily model for plus size clothing companies but may also engage in photo shoots for stock photography, cosmetics, household products, footwear, and watches. These models are held to the same expectations as regular models. They are generally expected to be over 5’9, have good skin, well proportioned bodies, as well as a good bone structure. The only difference between regular and plus modeling is that plus sized women have larger bust, waist, and hip measurements than regular models. They also engage in similar work as smaller models. They may be expected to model for advertisements, magazines, fashion shows, and commercials.

Plus modeling is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. This is because the world is seeing more plus sized individuals. The more plus sized individuals there are in the world, the larger the demand for plus sized clothing. Thus, more plus smodels are being needed for advertising and selling plus sized clothes.

One of the first magazines to devote publications to plus size women was called ‘Big Beautiful Woman magazine’. Its publications ran from 1979 until 1995, selling clothes to plus size consumers. Another magazine devoted to large women, titled Mode magazine, was launched in 1997. The best thing about this magazine was that it often attached quotes to the models photographs that related to self esteem. Today, magazines such as LouLou and Vogue hold annual plus size fashion editions to help in raising the confidence of plus size women.

Plus sized modeling is becoming very popular in an increasingly plus size world. The best thing about this type of modeling is that it is increasing the self esteem of plus size women. Instead of hanging their heads in shame, many plus size women are now beginning to embrace their beautiful curves. If you are plus sized and have an interest in modeling, your dreams are within reach! Start your search for a local modeling agency and start your dream career today!

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