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Fancy Dress Ideas

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Fancy Dress Ideas

When you are invited to a fancy dress party, choosing an outfit which has impact can be difficult. There are so many aspects to take into consideration. For example, if you are not confident about your body it is probably not the best idea to wear a Catwoman outfit. Similarly it is best not to wear anything which you may feel uncomfortable in as the night goes on.

There are many outfits which are popular with regards to fancy dress. Here we look at a few for the men and for the ladies too.

A very popular men’s outfit is the full body stocking. These are often favoured by groups of men who are looking for something fun and attention grabbing to wear on a stag weekend or suchlike. These body stockings come in a variety of colours and patterns and can also be worn by ladies too. This is a full body suit which covers the face too. However the wearer can still see and breathe perfectly naturally through the suit itself which is skin tight but still very comfortable with lots of stretch in the fabric which is usually spandex.

Another very popular outfit for men is the superhero outfit which is fantastic for those who are young at heart. Spiderman, Superman and Batman are the main superhero outfits which are in demand due to the fact that they are very much under the media spotlight. There are no real DIY options when thinking of dressing up as a superhero but costumes are readily available online and in stores.

One of the most enduringly popular ladies dress up outfits has to be the sexy witch. This is quite an easy one to put together so long as you have the right accessories. A little black dress teamed with stiletto heels and some smoky and sultry make up will take you halfway there. Add a witch’s hat and painted nails and you have your own sexy witch outfit. There are also plenty of great looking witch costumes available to buy. These are inexpensive and many are very good quality too.

Another very popular fancy dress look for women is the policewoman. There are literally hundreds of different policewoman costumes on sale. Some of them are rather daring and it is recommended that before you purchase an outfit you check that the length and amount of flesh on show is OK for you. The policewoman outfit is very popular for ladies who are on hen nights as they can have a lot of fun and laughs ‘arresting’ males they encounter on their travels! The accessory of choice for the policewoman look is a set of handcuffs which add to the fun and playful vibe!

Whatever outfit you choose for your fancy dress needs, always remember to make is a little playful and to have fun choosing it. Fancy dress parties can be amazing but the actual planning of the outfit can be just as much fun! If in doubt, always ask for your friend’s opinion and bounce ideas off one another.

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