February 23, 2024


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How to Dress Your Kid for an Audition

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Kids are always an adorable bunch to see especially for modeling agencies which are usually busy dealing with multiple clients and models. However, being a model is no child’s play; it’s serious and real work, with many other kid models that compete for the same position. Thus it is necessary to know how to dress to impress at the audition.

Wear Simple

Yes, the outfit does affect look, and that is why a kid shouldn’t be wearing very overpowering clothes. This will affect the original look. Judges also want to see the raw face cut and style to be able to determine the type of modeling the kid model will be in future.

So simple solid colored clothing, with little to no patches and design, should be employed. A young kid shouldn’t be wearing unnecessary ornaments, jewelry or accessories. Even professional models are advised against it, and even more so for kids who have no stylistic relevance to grand ornaments.

Act like your Age

In line with not over-dressing, it is also vital that the kid model isn’t wearing age inappropriate wear, such as overtly sexual or revealing dresses, or even tailored suits etcetera should be refrained from. One exception is perhaps swimsuits or children’s bikini. If you want to go the extra mile and of course depending on the type of project you are auditioning for (For e.g. Beach leisure) it may be sensible to bring along a swimsuit or wear one underneath the kid’s actual outfit, if it’s comfortable.

Bright colors, Avoid Dark

Solid black or red should be avoided as it may give off a scary vibe and may bleed into the camera. Solid bright colors such as green and yellow are appealing to the eye and suit the natural enthusiasm and positive energy that a kid should emanate. The kid will also stand out from the rest of the competition by using confident bright colors.

No Logos or any other Brands Stitched

As far as possible wear solid colored and clean outfits. There shouldn’t be brand names, designer logos, cartoon characters pictures or words etcetera. It will definitely show off as unprofessional and give off the impression that your child isn’t serious about modeling. Also, the brand names may not be something the judges are fond of and end up leaving a negative feeling.

Lastly remember what your kid wears to an interview and keep a note or log of it, so that if he or she gets accepted in the audition they should turn up for their casting with whatever they wore for auditions. What you wear is merely one aspect of the audition and there many other ways to prepare. A kid should learn a few poses, eat healthy, sleep well, and speak confidently in the lead up to the audition.

Modeling is a serious job and would require a kid to be able to cooperate and work with many people and be patient with the entire proceedings. As such emotional stability and character will something that is assessed in the auditions. With that in mind prepare for the questions that will be asked, and display a good confident persona even if what you wear is simple.

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