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Ipath Shoes – The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Skateboarding Shoe

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Ipath Shoes – The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Skateboarding Shoe

Ipath shoes are environmentally-friendly skate boarding footwear. The brand has a high level of awareness toward the natural environment. This is not just proven in their outreach program that gears toward the ecosystem but also in the shoes themselves. The use of products like hemp and natural cotton in Ipath shoes is the evidence that the brand is dedicated to take care of the ecosystem. The brand name truly stands apart from the other skateboarding shoes brands because of this environmental consciousness, that is directly applied to the shoes and sneakers.

The Ipath brand was developed by Brian Kraus and skateboard pro Matt Field. It is a skate footwear and apparel business headquartered in Torrance, CA. Ipath shoes and sneakers originate from the streets of San Francisco but also the back alleys of New York, where skate boarding is prominent. The idea behind this footwear is to comprehend what consciousness is truly all about. To the company, this consciousness means being your self and pursuing your path. This can be summarized in the slogan that the brand carries: Follow your path.

It follows a very distinct route indeed. In their search for being themselves and following their own route, they’ve developed an earthy collection of skate boarding shoes and sneakers as against the rising innovative skate footwear that influx the market nowadays. Ipath shoes and sneakers are considered by many people as eco-friendly skateboarding shoes. There has never been skate shoes like Ipath shoes and sneakers on the market before. When the skateboarding footwear sector races towards employing the most innovative materials, Ipath shoes and sneakers use hemp, organic cotton and leather as an alternative.

Nonetheless, one can not undermine the level of quality of Ipath footwear simply because they are eco-friendly skateboarding shoes and sneakers. This skate shoes use the highest quality hemp there’s on the market. They use a top quality rubber for better grip. They also use EVA footbeds for greater comfort and of course protection. The shoes are manufactured using stroble construction that creates a sock-like effect giving greater comfort and permitting better performance. Their shoes and sneakers really are excellent environmentally-friendly skateboarding shoes.

The Ipath men’s shoes range is made up of the Alfaro, Brentford, Burnquest, Cats, Classics, Darius, Grasshopper, Gall, Derelict, Mantis, Lyndhurst, Langston, Sheerling, Reed, Passmore and Stash. Their designs have this earthly sense as the shoes are mostly made of top quality hemp and natural cotton. Although some are made from leather, the manufacturer ensures that They only use leather which originates from Silver-rated tanneries. Ipath shoes and sneakers, just like other skateboarding footwear brand names, have a crew of skateboaders, which includes Fred Gall and Bob Burnquist.

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