March 2, 2024


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Thing People Need to Know About Oakley Technology

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More than any other sunglasses brand, Oakley claims to be one of the sunglasses manufacturing industry pioneers and leaders. As a leading lifestyle and sports brand, they try to stay at the cutting edge of design and performance, boasting more than 500 patents of quality and fashionable products all over the world.

This company has a fondness for space-age expressions and terms, when promoting their brand’s innovative products – from eyeglasses forged from “O-Matters” to nose-pads made in “Unobtanium” to lenses manufactured from “Plutonite” and incorporating these products as “Prizm” optics.

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These tech terminologies and weird-sounding components or materials can look like a crass marketing strategy than genuinely innovative technology to regular consumers. But the company insists they spend a lot of money on perfecting their products and boasts a solid commitment to eyewear excellence through innovation. For people perplexed by the overblown marketing terminologies and less keen about finding out what these words actually mean, experts offer a short and revealing rundown of what these things signify.


The lens technology has been the mainstay of researches by companies like Oakley. A lot of these organizations are obsessed with modern innovation. These companies are bent on solving problems, finding answers to questions, and marketing their solutions with a firm resolve. This kind of philosophy has made Oakley one of the best and most famous sunglasses brands in the industry.


Plutonite is considered one of the best and the most optically pure materials available in the market today. It is a high-grade polycarbonate with no impurities. Things that are made from these materials have 100% Ultraviolet-A and Ultraviolet-B protection created into the lenses’ fabric instead of applied as a coating. The material can block blue lights up to 400 nanometers. It is also resistant to high impacts and has shatter-proof capabilities.

High-definition optics

High-definition optics are whole arrays of patented technologies that make sure that Oakley glasses exceed or at least meet the test standards of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for visual fidelity, impact resistance, and optical clarity. The brand claims that the lens has less distortion when magnifying images, a common problem in lenses with high-base curvatures. Because of this, they corrected the issue with refraction has been solved when it comes to standard optical performance.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses can filter out at least 99% of reflected light and glare without the optical distortion and haze that can be found with lenses made using traditional manufacturing methods. A lot of polarized devices are made of laminated layers bonded using particular glue that exaggerates distortion and minimizes clarity. The brand’s infusion molding process generates single-layered lenses for clear and crisp vision. Not only that, both are cut at the same time to help center and align the axis of the polarization.

Iridium coatings

Superheated metallic oxides are bonded to the lens at molecular levels to help create a continuous filtering layer that maximizes contrast and minimizes glare. These coatings are designed to balance the transmission, absorption, and light reflection depending on the environment. | Newsphere by AF themes.