May 18, 2024


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Traditional Kurta Pyjama for Bhai Dooj

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An important part of the entire five-day long Diwali celebration, Bhai Dooj is a day for brothers and sisters to celebrate their sweet relationship. While contemporary fashion and modern trends have become prevalent amongst youngsters and others, festivals are the time when everybody gets a chance to savour the richness of tradition, which includes traditional Indian Clothing as well.

On the day of Bhai Dooj, brothers and sisters don new clothes and observe the required rituals in every household. Sisters are required to pray for their brothers along with putting a tilak on their forehead and performing aarti whereas brothers reciprocate by offering them fabulous gift items. Every festival becomes even more special if the right ambience or atmosphere is created. The right clothes contribute a lot towards achieving the right feel. Men dressed in traditional Kurta Pyjama or Churidar Kurta awaiting their sister’s tilak and aarti truly makes the day perfect. Since Bhai Dooj is more of a traditional ritual rather than a full fledged festival, it’s best to go for simple and elegant traditional clothes for men. Designer Kurta Pyjamas, Designer Churidar Kurtas, Pathani Suits, etc featuring subtle zari woven pattern or embroidered necklines look best. Alternatively, pleasing embroidered motifs or self woven pattern imparting a rich texture proves to be equally ideal.

However, really gorgeous Kurta Pyjamas flaunting ornate embellished pattern might end up looking over the top. Therefore, Kurta Pyjamas, Churidar Kurtas, Pathani Suits, etc made of cotton, light jacquard or blended silks seem suitable instead of lush fabrics such as brocade, pure silks, velvet, etc. Since Bhai Dooj rituals are mostly performed in the morning, light and pleasing colors would be preferable over dark and rich colors. Besides men opting for traditional Kurta Pyjamas to be worn on Bhai Dooj, sisters can also present their loving brothers with wonderful Designer Kurta Pyjamas and Designer Churidar Kurtas on Bhai Dooj as a token of their love! | Newsphere by AF themes.