July 15, 2024


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Welcome to Teen Parenting

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Welcome to Teen Parenting

Do you still cringe when your teen expressed his/her desire to go for the ED Sheeran concert? Welcome to parenting a TEEN! A new journey begins but make sure to take a detour from old mindsets, patterns and parent talk.

The onset of puberty sets in a myriad of new challenges for a teenager. Suddenly, their persona is changing. The choice of colour is no more the same. They have more interest in music and fashion. New dimensions and opportunities come their way. They know a lot of things which makes us feel ancient. In fact, this is a cue to understand that our parenting needs a little tweaking. Parenting a teenager at times can add up to your stress. As you are addressing new issues, it is to be observed that they too are brimming with newness in every field. Their body is changing, attitude is altering, academics are getting vaster and they are faced with decision making in every field.

I would strictly recommend be a ‘friendly parent’ and NOT a friend to your child. We often say, ‘We are friends with our kid.’ The problem here is that they get mixed feelings when you correct them for a thing or two, whereas a friend would always agree with their doings. Children imbibe by watching. We all need to walk the talk. What remains a ‘NO’ should just be that. It is always good to give a reason why it is refused. When you are objecting to the teenager, be careful with the choice of words. It hurts them and they may not show it. But deep inside they are all little children. They still need the sweet praises and approving smiles. Encourage them in the best manner so that the know you are always there for them.

Family time with the teenager is very important. Try and do more interesting things. Let them get independent with their wardrobe management and school work. Keep an open door (in your mind) to help them and encourage them to come up to you with a problem. It is good to be careful with the words we use as they bring to us their concerns. Give them a tip or two about being careful during outings with a friend or group. The ‘GOOD TOUCH and BAD TOUCH’ sermon makes them feel awkward now but that is one more step towards bonding. The love and respect will continue forever.

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