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What is Eco Fashion? – A Few Ideas

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What is Eco Fashion? – A Few Ideas

The fashion industry draws a lot of attention every year, with all the controversial shows and trends it submits to the public eye. These past few years, designers and fabric producers have started making a statement concerning the effects of the industry on our planet and as a result, Eco fashion was born.

Also called sustainable fashion, it refers to clothing that is made out of environmentally safe fabrics and using responsible production techniques. It is part of a larger trend of sustainable design, which means the creation of a product while keeping in mind the impact it can have on nature throughout its lifespan.

One of the main characteristics of Eco-friendly clothes is that they are made out of raw, organic materials, which means the fibers have been grown without any pesticides, preserving the health of the environment and of the people. Many products are also vegan, which means that they do not utilize leather or other types of animal tissues. They are also processed without using bleaches or chemicals that could be harmful.

Secondly, everyone knows that many ecological products are recycled, and this includes clothes, that can be made out of already existing materials and fibers. Producers use previously made clothing and accessories and turn them into new ones, then sell them for an appropriate price.

Continuing on the path of previously owned things, vintage stores have also been all the rage lately, entertaining all sorts of clients – from suburban housewives to superstars – and offering a great variety of pieces. You can even find classic fashions items hidden in some second-hand store or in thrift markets, so don´t ignore the possibility of shopping in such places.

Another very important feature of Eco-chic clothes is that they are produced in an ethical environment, which means that the people that make them are reasonably paid and have a healthy workplace. Knowing this, even if you have to pay a bit more to buy them, you can wear your outfits proudly and with a clear conscience.

Nowadays, one can easily see that “going green” has become a very popular trend: people eat organic food, wear Eco-friendly clothes, use less fuel and recycle their waste. If you are an environment lover yourself, do your part of the job and help preserve the planet. It´s not difficult to do, but it sure pays off in the future!

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